"I call it a "joy rise" when I hear her sing and be her. Experiencing her live would be up there with the greatest hits of my life. No other artist has allowed me such deep insight into my being."








"When I listen to her music, I get happy and calm. A sense of peace falls on me." 

"Sarah Solstice music always makes me feel HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!"  

"Trying to think of the best way to describe what I feel when I listen to her music, and it's absolutely LOVE. Just LOVE. I can feel broken down and out, and hear the words from her songs, and my soul immediately awakens. The negative feelings I'm holding start to diminish…it's pretty crazy. I love the music, but more so I see why this music is coming into our lives right now. The world will use this music to wake up and be happy together. We will soon discover ourselves, and that's what this music prompts us to do."   

And we’re gonna treat the people like they know - that they are immortal.
— Song "Blowin Up"