Sarah entered human living through Apostolic parents in the midwest. Their religion was similar to Mennonite. They did not accept outside media influences into the home. Expression through music, art, and comedy was encouraged. Professional sound equipment blasted praise music & gregorian hymns across the property.

Around age 8 Sarah and her pet squirrel discovered Mtv. The question arose, "Where were these dance parties taking place?” She set out to find these party-like gatherings where she could sing and dance on the perpetual.

By age 18 she was singing at Universal Studios and flying to Maui to party on the island stages. At 20 she became the opening act for Britney Spears’ Dream Within a Dream tour, the crowd grew to over 30,000 daily.

She's toured with famous athletes on the Go For It Roadshow, filmed television shows on USA & abcfamily, walked the red carpet at the Grammy Award as a Columbia Recording artist, and has opened for O-Town, Jessica Simpson, Outcast, and others.

A project titled “Earth Planet Party" came early 2015. When shared live, those present expressed that they felt a sense of unity, empowerment, and excitement. Announcements and party tips were also interjected from stage.  “She’s like a comedian,” says Seloman from PBM2L. She lives a miracle life, and this energy comes through in every piece.  

She now collaborates with producers to make music combining academia with celebration. Sarah is an educator, the lesson is reality. Life is a party, Sarah and her team are here to showcase this.

"Making the awakening process fun and easy for everyone."

“I was blown away by the depths of knowledge within the music, and the musicality in general was so on point. If you haven’t heard Sarah Solstice, she deserves a lot of attention.” 



 “I've known her forever, she's been cool since then.”